Malorie Avaline

“Do not worry if you have built your castles in the sky. They are where they should be. Now build your foundations under them.”


If you ask Malorie why she decided to become a salon owner her answer would have nothing to do with herself and everything to do with the team around her. “I wanted to design an uplifting and supportive place to create. A space where passionate like minded stylists could come together and thrive.” Malorie believes in the power of culture. She has carefully designed a salon that not only stylists appreciate, but a salon where each client that come in, leaves knowing they are also a part of something special. Malorie has spent the last 12 years racking up some pretty impressive accomplishments. She will tell you she doesn't believe in luck. She believes that success comes when preparation meets opportunity.


Malorie boasts a full book of very happy clients who often refer to her as "the hair whisper." Malorie is Oklahoma’s leading bridal expert and has personally styled over 500 weddings. Local, coast to coast in the US and all over Mexico. Malorie’s work has graced the covers and pages of several national and international magazines like European Vogue, McGlory, Cottage Hill, Smitten, Brides of Oklahoma and many more. Her work has been featured on countless wedding blogs and TV productions for Disney, 20/20 and several local stations.


She has worked with numerous celebrities such as Luke Bryan, JuJu Chang, Olivia Jordan, Darius Rucker, Vince Gill and more. Malorie is currently working on Vivienne Mackinder’s creative team and styles hair for New York Fashion Week. Although her accomplishments are impressive she will tell you that she is just getting started.

“As a creative entrepreneur I want to set an example to everyone that I work around. It’s great to have goals, they help us stay focused. But we must also stay grounded and set our sights on dreams that challenge us and help us grow.” Got it … set goals and execute! “For me, continuous education is not an option. If we stop learning we stop growing. I always want to be able to offer the very best to any client that comes in my salon as well as set an example to my team that we must always strive to learn and create beauty in new ways.”


Needless to say our fearless leader knows a thing or two about the beauty industry and keeping standards high!

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